One of the most frequently asked questions from us is how to wear a pocket watch? As you might have seen that pocket watches have been around history since the 1500s. They have come around like a genuine fashion accessory.

Unlike a wristwatch, a pocket watch should be carried around in a pocket. They come with chains, loops, and belts, which add to the beauty of the pocket watches. These chains or belts prevent the watch from dropping and breaking.

Additionally, you can also carry the pocket watch around in a leather band when chains or belts tend to be a little problematic.

Pocket watches come in many styles, but there are two main styles of pocket watches.

One is the open case, and the other one is the hunter case watch.

As the name suggests, the open case is where you do not have any lid to protect the glass, whereas in the hunter case, you do have a metal lid to protect the watch dial.

That being said, lets now dive straight into the procedure for wearing a pocket watch.

How To Wear A Pocket Watch With A Vest

Pocket Watch Vest

A vest is designed for typical use of the pocket watches. It is designed so that you can carry the pocket watch with a chain. The watch is placed inside the vest’s pocket, and the beautiful looking metal chains secure the watch itself. This guide will explain to you how to pull or wear a pocket watch with a vest. 

To wear a pocket watch with a vest, you will need a pocket watch and chains (or pocket watch with chains) to be specific. 

How to:

1) Out of so many chains with different styles, choose a chain that you think will suit you best. 

2) Connect your chain to the vest. Below are some of the most popular ways you can do them.

  • Securing a chain from the buttonhole. 
  • Securing the chain from the button; however, this time, you need to attach the chain from the watch and then place the watch in the vest pocket. 

3) Keep the watch in the pocket of the opposite of your dominant hand. This means that if you are right-handed, then keep the watch on the left pocket. And if you are left-handed, then follow the watch inside the right pocket. 

How To Wear A Pocket Watch With A Suit

A suit is one of the most elegant pieces of output that a man can wear.

Wearing a suit can resonate with his persona and his maturity. As it goes, that the first impression is the last, you want to make an excellent first impression, and wearing a suit is what you should be aiming for. This will reflect positivity, self-confidence, enhanced fashion, and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, a pocket watch can be paired seamlessly with a suit. In this section, we will dive into how to wear a pocket watch with a suit, which is also called a pocket watch suit.

How to:

1) Keeping the pocket watch in the suit jacket pocket while attaching the chain to the buttonhole.

2 Similarly, you can also keep the pocket watch inside the side pockets of your pants. But do not attach the chain.

3) Keeping the pocket watch inside the mini pocket on the side of your waistcoat.

What if you do not own a three-piece suit?

Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can attach the pocket watch.

How to:

1) Attach a belt loop chain to the pocket watch to your trouser belt loop. Make sure to place your watch safely inside the trouser pocket.

2) A pocket watch chain can be attached to the suit jacket buttonhole. This will allow the watch to be freely slipped inside the jacket pocket.

Wearing A Pocket Watch Casually

How To Wear A Pocket Watch With Jeans


Pocket Watches and jeans are a combination that was never meant to be together initially. This is a look which you would not usually see in society. However, you can still look fabulous wearing a pocket watch with jeans. For this to work right for you, you need the right color, right fit, and the right size of the pocket watch.

We recommend that you opt for dark-colored jeans. This includes colors such as gray, black, and blue. Avoid choosing light-colored jeans such as light blue etc. Wearing a light contrast, jeans would not match up nicely with the color of the pocket watch.

Additionally, you can also choose to opt for a straight or slim fit jeans rather then bootcut or lose jeans. Pair up the jeans with a matching shirt or a blazer for an elegant look. And there you have the “smart casual” look.

How to:

1) Have you ever noticed a small side pocket on the right side of your jeans? If not, see the image below to get an idea of the pocket. That pocket is called a “watch pocket.” It is believed that at the time when wristwatches were not ordinary, people used to keep their pocket watches in that pocket of their jeans.

2) Match the pocket watch chain with the color of the belt buckle. This will give a beautiful combination and will provide you with an upgraded feel of fashion with a perfect trendy vibe.

3) Attach one end of the pocket watch chain under the belt or clip the button to the belt.

4) A good benchmark of the length of the pocket watch chain is 14 inches. It is neither too short nor too long.

5) Additionally, to make it seem elevated, consider using a leather belt.



How To Wear A Pocket Watchout A Waistcoat 


You don’t always need a waistcoat or a vest to pair up a pocket watch. You can still rock a pocket watch casually. In this guide, we will tell you how to pair up a pocket watch without a waistcoat seamlessly.

Pairing a shirt or a polo along with trousers, jeans, or pants will make up a great combination to integrate pocket watch. Additionally, you can also try to pair up your bottoms with loafers. Also, you can try up chinos. But keep in mind that you should wear dark-colored bottoms such as brown, gray, dark or navy blue and black.

Attach the pocket watch chain to your to the buttonhole of your shirt or your belt loop and keep the pocket watch inside the pocket of your trouser or bottoms.

How to:

1) It is not at all necessary to apply a fashion that you see online, on Instagram, or anywhere. Style is all about creativity. You can also create a combo of your style, and that will suit you.

2) Place the watch inside the pockets of your trousers. Then clip the pocket watch chain to the belt loop or even the shirt button.

3) Avoid using a pocket watch with a small dial. This will cause you problems in reading the time. You will even have to unhook the chain to read the time. Alternatively, you can also pair up the pocket watch with a long chain.

4) Another technique that you can apply is to place the pocket watch in the front pocket of your shirt. Even though this style is retro, but you can still rock this .

5) A classy look could be pairing up the pocket watch with boots, jeans, a shirt, or a hat/cap.

6) You can also wear a pocket watch on occasions such as Christmas and Halloween.

7) With cargo pants, you should try for thick and heavy chains as it looks good with the overall outfit.


Are Pocket Watches In Style?

Well, you might be thinking that are pocket watches still in style? 

And I want to tell you that it is perfectly fine (“OK”) if you ask that since you see so many alternatives. You see people wearing high-class wrist watches. 

While there are fewer people who still wear pocket watches, if you wear one, you will look apart from the rest of the crowd. 

Wearing a pocket watch along with a chain is an expression of class, dignity, and integrity that you cultivate within yourself. And there is no shame in wearing pocket watches that were at their peak in the early to late 1900s. 

One good thing about wearing a pocket watch is that they are an eye-catcher. And this feature will make you stand out from all the rest of the crowd. People who still use a pocket watch, combine it with classic suits and other styles as mentioned above. Examples of such looks are British working classes. 

Now that you know that it is entirely OK and much appreciated to wear a pocket watch in today’s modern era, you might be thinking that why did pocket watch go out of fashion?

The primary reason for this is the high cost of purchasing a pocket watch. Back in those times, pocket watches used to cost a lot, since they had heavy yellow gold usage. As competitors rose, cost decreased, and thus, more people were able to buy affordable wristwatches for themselves. 

If you are interested in wrist watches in general then check the article about outdoor watches. You can also read our guide to minimalist watches.


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How To Maintain A Pocket Watch?



It is difficult to see people wearing a pocket watch nowadays, but this is what makes a pocket watch unique. It still is an iconic piece for some people and is close to their hearts. Pocket watches look elegant and classy when worn.

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