Leaf Fitness Tracker Review

Who thought that you would get a fitness tracker as a set of jewelry?

Well, Bellabeat is the next best women health tracker that can also be used as a jewelry set.

As a company, Bellabeat specializes in the manufacturing jewelry set. They had added a very unique and beautiful looking women accessory by introducing Bellabeat Leaf Urban. This product can be used as both an accessory (to be worn on the wrist, neck, or collar) and is a useful and accurate health tracking system.

Like many other activity trackers in the market, Bellabeat can track your sleep (quality and quantity), and also your steps are taken.

However, when it is paired up with Bluetooth is can also track menstruation and ovulation cycle (more details below). One of its features that sets it apart from the rest of the fitness trackers in the market is that it can guide you through breathing exercises to reduce your stress levels when it is worn around the neck.

Lets now dive straight in to the review of Bellabeat.

Bellabeat Leaf vs Fitbit

The current debate that is going on in the market is that is Fitbit better than Bellabeat Leaf Urban.

Below are some of the prominent differences between two of the famous fitness trackers in the market.

1) Fitbit is “water-resistant,” which the Bellabeat Leaf Urban is “splash proof” only.

2) Fitbit can take into account the calories and water intake, while the Bellabeat Leaf Urban lacks this ability.

3) The Leaf has predictive sleep tracking, but the Fitbit has this manually.

The decision all comes down to the target audience.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban is designed for women who are health conscious while the Fitbit is a full workout centered watch.

Coming to the price of both the products, there isn’t much of a difference between the costs of the Leaf and the Fitbit.

The Leaf will costs you around $140, whereas the Fitbit will costs you about $150.

A plus point of the Bellabeat Leaf Urban is that you can wear this in a variety of ways, such as on the neck, wrists, or the collar.

But who would like the Bellabeat Leaf better?

It is suited more towards women who like to have an overall fitness goal along with something that can be used as a jewelry piece.

The Leaf is used as a pendant by women. Also, it offers a more extraordinary battery life of 6 months when compared with the Fitbit, which has far less battery life.

Moreover, the Leaf has a menstrual and ovulation cycle, which the Fitbit lacks.

Who would like Fitbit better?

If you are more inclined towards fitness, gym, diet, aesthetics, etc. then the Fitbit will suit you more.

However, explicitly talking about women, the designs and color that caters them are minimal.

Thus they will have to opt for the left over designs and colors.

Also, Fitbit has more advanced technologies on the back.

Bottom line? If you are here for the Leaf, then perhaps it. Is what you require.

Is Bellabeat Leaf Accurate?


To say it off, the Bellabeat Leaf is now much more accurate and precise than it was months ago. The reason is that the Bellabeat company is currently investing in research and improved the development of the next manufactured parts of the Bellabeat Leaf.

Upon testing the Bellabeat Leaf several times now, I can accurately say that it does not seem if the activity tracker is overestimating or underestimating any of the data provided. While there is always a slight variance than the actual data, the Bellabeat Leaf is accurate to a significant extent.

Is Bellabeat Waterproof?


One should keep in mind that there are two models of the Bellabeat Leaf. One is the Bellabeat Leaf Nature, and the other one is the Bellabeat Leaf Urban.

The Leaf Nature is splash-proof so that it can bear sweats and brief splashes of water. However, since it is not water-resistant or waterproof, it can not carry water-intensive activities. Thus it is not recommended to take it to the shower or snorkeling etc.

As far as Bellabeat Leaf Urban is considered, it is water-resistant to IPX6. You can wear this watch comfortably in the shower or during dishwashing. It is sweatproof, rainproof and can withstand short water-intensive activities. However, you should not use Bellabeat Leaf Urban in swimming or snorkeling.

Does Bellabeat sync with Myfitnesspal?

You can connect your Bellabeat Leaf App with Google Fit and Apple Health App, and the process is pretty self-explanatory and straightforward.

Syncing the app is seamless, and all the data would be easily transferred without worrying that your data would be lost.

Your tracking will become even more accurate with time since your phone would be measuring the steps taken, and you would match this with the Bellabeat fitness tracker.

Pros & Cons Of Bellabeat


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  • Water Resistant  
  • Strong & robust In Design
  • handsome Looking Watch


  • Second hand does not line up with the indices

Hardware Comparision Of Bellabeat


The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is worn on the neck, collar, or wrist. Thus it can be worn as a bracelet, necklace clip.

To describe its look, it is a large leaf-like wooden pendant explicitly designed for women.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban is made up of elegant wood composite that is attached to a stone-like a frame. It is stuck to a stainless steel clip, which is made up of stainless steel. The bracelet strap is made up of genuine leather and the chain, and it also contains tools for battery replacement.

Coming to the measurements of Bellabeat Leaf Urban, it is 1.85 inches long, 1.1 inches thick, and 0.43 inches wide. If you feel that it will be heavy to wear, so let me tell you that it will feel slightly heavy since it weighs 16.5 grams.

This accessory is ideal for wearing as a clip on your pants or shirt.

The company measures Bellabeat of two colors i.e., Rose Gold Edition, and the other one is Silver Edition, although I think that that Rose Gold Edition looks beautiful on most of the women.


1) Sleep Tracking:

One of the easiest and hassle-free features of this device is that you do not have to tell the device that you are going to sleep. Just sleep the device while you are wearing it and then go to sleep. It will track your sleep cycle over time. 

2) Stress Monitoring:

The fitness tracker is programmed to display and monitor your stress levels over time. 

It does this primarily by sleep tracking i.e., by measuring your sleep quality. It considers your sleep quantity, and the steps walked, meditations, exercises, and calories burned. The device will then predict your current stress levels. While its accuracy is another topic, but the device will give you guided exercises that you will perform. 

3) Fitness Tracking:

The fitness tracker, in conjunction with the fitness app, is a great combination. 

It can track your steps counting, and your calories burned distance and the current time. 

You can also set up specific goals according to your fitness aims. 

You can also track your fitness activity through the Bellabeat app. 

4) Meditation & Breathing Exercises:

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is used as avid meditation sessions. If you are feeling tired or if you are stressed, then this device can help you by providing you a list of simple meditations and breathing exercises to make you feel relaxed and calm.

This fitness tracker will provide you with guided meditation sessions that you can perform to slow down your exhaustion.

You can also limit the time of your exercise as well as your number of seasons.

5) Menstrual & Ovulation Cycle Tracking:

Many women love the Bellabeat Leaf Urban only because it facilitates its users by entering the last period date, and the device will tell the approximate date/day when they will have their next menstrual cycle.

For women, it is vital to know this information since they have their menstrual cycle every 28 days.

Apart from tracking the menstrual cycle, this device can also follow the next ovulation cycle. To track your pregnancy days, enter the day or date in which you got pregnant, and then the app will calculate the weeks and days.

6) Water Resistance:

Well, as far as water resistance is concerned, the Bellabeat Lead Urban is not as much water-resistant as you might think since it is not a sports watch.

It has a built to tolerate water-resistance of IPX6, which means that it can bear small splashes of water or rainfall, but it is not advised to take this along with you in the shower or heavy water-intensive activities like diving or snorkeling, etc.

7) Alarm & Break Reminder:

Another feature that you will see in this activity tracker is the alarms. You can set up multiple alerts by going to the app and setting those up.

You will feel the alarms by the vibrations on this device.

Additionally, you can also set up break periods. For example, if you are sitting on a chair for too long so the device will vibrate to remind you that you should now take a break and roam around for some time.


Talking about the battery life of Bellabeat Leaf Urban, it lasts for around six months approximately.

The device uses a standard CR 2032 lithium coin cell, which is readily available throughout other departmental stores. Thus this device does not require charging.

According to the company, the device can run for six months on a single battery. After trying and testing, I can assure you that what the company is saying is 100% true since, after two months of using the product, the battery still shows 100%.

Changing the battery is not frequent, but it sure is a hassle since, on the back, you will find many screws that need to be unscrewed, after which you will have access to the battery.


The “BellabeAppApp” is available for free on both the Play Store and the App Store. Below are the steps to getting the App and synchronizing it to the Bellabeat Leaf Urban.

Step 1: Go to Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for IOS) and search for the Bellabeat App.

Step 2: Download or add it to your phone.

Step 3: Click on the App. Follow the instructions which are pretty easy to follow through.

Step 4: To sync it, tap the App to search and double tap the leaf to pair. And there you go. Bingo… Your Bellabeat Leaf Urban is now paired.

A few important points about the battery are that you can hold the data for 14 days, during which you will have to transfer the data from your device to your App.

You will have to sync the device with your phone manually; otherwise, the data will get erased.

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Unboxing & what’s in the box?



To conclude, the Bellabeat Leaf Urban is highly accurate and is a great jewelry accessory.

It is targetted towards women. If you are finding gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife, then look no back then this fitness tracker.