Want to buy a great watch under $1000? Cool… Bellamen brings you a list of the best watches under $1000 that you can choose from.

There come’s a time in every man’s life when he decides to buy a quality. and luxurious fashion piece which will last him hopefully for a lifetime.

and luxurious fashion piece which will last him hopefully for a lifetime.

He wants to elevate his status symbol.

Few major purchases for him usually include a high end (Oxford) suit, boots, and a quality timepiece.

Most of the men’s who are in need of buying a luxury watch look for a timepiece which offers something in premium design and is not far from their buying capacity.

Given this criterion of buying a men’s watch, Bellamen brings you the ultimate guide to the 40 best watches under $1000.

If you want to add another layer of status symbol to your appearance then this article is a must read for you.

Before proceeding to the list of best watches under $1000, please note that these are the watches which are in the price range of only $500 to $1000.

However, you will find a list of smartwatches in this post which will be well below the price range of $500.

If you want to look for watches to suit you under $500 then head over to this article.

Still tight on a budget? Then head over to this list of the best men’s watches under $200 in 2019.

Best Stores To Buy An Affordable Luxury Watch?

In today’s world full of glamour where you have so many options and varieties of purchasing a watch, it becomes rather complex/difficult to buy a watch.

Decision making becomes harder as you see more and more options in front of you.

Plus if you have no prior experience in buying a watch, and this is your first-time occurance in purchasing a wristwatch which you will remember for the rest of your life, you will proper guidance to purchase your first ever watch.

While no one can force you to purchase a watch for yourself, but if you really want to get that bold bracelet rock on your wrists,

You will have to spend some money.

And place your trust in these stores to get the wristwatch that you always wanted.

You can purchase high quality watches from a number of market places.


The most popular of all these online stores is Amazon. We all know that they are known for their customer service and 100% customer satisfaction.

So if you regularly purchase other items from amazon then you should consider purchasing your next big item from Amazon too!

Amazon has variety of watches that you can choose from and we will be providing all of the best watches under $1000 from amazon.


The second great option that you have is watchmaxx.com.

Watchmaxx is full stack watch store.

You can get the most respected watch brands at a great discount.

Watchmaxx is another popular options from where you can buy the best watches under $1000. They have watches ranging from $50 to $20,000+.

Ashford, JomaShop, etc…

Thirdly we have Ashford. Their selection of brands includes Rado, Rolex, Citizen, Bulavo, Hamilton and Calvin Klein, etc.

Other popular resellers include ambassadors, certified watch store, James free jewelers, JomaShop, and Invicta Store, etc.

That being said, lets now start with our list of the best watches under $1000.

Ashford and JomaShop are also good options to consider when buying best watches under $1000. They deal in high quality watches which you can consider to add in your watch collection.

Best Smart Watches Under $1000…

In the market, you will find many smartwatches out there.

But the experience can be intimidating specially if you are a beginner and you don’t know where and how to buy a watch that suits you and rock your site.

Bellamen brings you a comprehensive list of the best smartwatches under $1000 that you can purchase and this will definitely rock you and will Unleash the Alpha that you find within yourself.

So let’s get going.

12) Diesel On Men’s  (DZT1001)

Diesel On Men's  (DZT1001) Credits: amazon.com

The first smartwatch we have on our list is the Diesel On Men’s DZT1001.

The diesel DZT 1001 contains the hybrid technology.

You would never need to charge your Smartwatch instead it will be powered by the battery contained within the watch.

The battery life of this watch is at least 1 year. therefore you are the one in charge of this watch.

Coming to the design of this watch is a classic Masterpiece by the Diesel brand.

You have a strong and a bossy feel when you wear this watch on your armrest.

The black-cased and colored watch is paired with stainless steel band ID long with black tile adds to the beauty of this watch.

Standard features of this watch include instant notification ( call and message), alarm settings, music controls, clicking a photo and tracking sleep, etc.

Moreover, you can link this smartwatch with smartphone having Android version 4.3 and above and iPhone having an IOS operating system of 9 and above.

The unique feature of this watch is the stylish wrist.

I always on and is connected with the battery for the six months,  and this feature sets the watch apart from the rest of the observations and gives this watch a competitive edge in the market.

Downsides of this watch are that first if you are a middle-aged person and you have trouble with the eye sides then you will have some difficulty reading the time slots and notification in the watch.

Secondly, the watch has a delicate band so it’s better not to mess up with the band as it will come out and you will then have trouble inserting the band to the dial.

11) Michael Kors (MKT5009)

Michael Kors (MKT5009) Credits: amazon.com

Michael Kors as a brand is known for its designer watches.

The same rule applies to the Michael Kors MKT 5009 Smartwatch.

If you are someone who is in need of a nice designer Smartwatch with basic functionalities so this watch is a must-buy for you.

This patch looks really good.

The black color brand along with the Stainless Steel gold-toned dial adds to the richness of this watch.

However, this watch does not come with a lot of features. It serves a few features such as instant notifications, touchscreen functionality, music controls, and distance tracking.

You might be thinking, how does this watch sync all of your data? Thanks to the Bluetooth technology installed in this watch, which makes data transfer seamless.

This watch is compatible with the standard operating system of Android 4.3.

And the iPhone operating system of iOS 9.3  and above.

Additionally, this watch is water-resistant to ip67.

Downsides to this watch are the battery. You will need to charge this watch at least twice a day for regular use.

Secondly, this but has Limited functionalities as discussed above.

10) Alpina Men’s AL-282LNN4V6

Alpina Men's AL-282LNN4V6 Credits: amazon.com

If you need a Smartwatch having sports design then you definitely need to check out the Alpena men’s AL-282LNN4V6.

The best part about the smartwatch? it offers a battery life of 4 years minimum.

The analog display looking Smartwatch comes with functionalities such as instant notification for call and message, sleep tracking, distance tracking.

The data can be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology.

Like all other watches, this watch also water-resistant 200 meters at 330 feet.

This makes it suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not high-pressure water activities such as diving, etc.

The blue color rubber band is pretty shop looking charge to the beauty of this watch.

The brand is durable in the sense that it is more than leather or metal bands in terms of water exposure and the scuffing in the bracelet.

Time reading is easy with this watch even in bright light.

The only downside of this watch is its Limited functionality as discussed above.

09) Alpina Men’s AL-285BS5AQ6

Alpina Men's AL-285BS5AQ6 Credits: amazon.com

Yet another updated version of the Alpina Smartwatch above is this watch which is the Alpina AL-285BS5AQ6.

The imported,  elegant and modern looking design Alpina is one of the best smartwatches that you can have in your watch collection.

The watch comes with a black dial along with a black band combined with a silver-toned dial.

This watch comes with luminous hour hands and index hour markers of white color which makes time reading easy in the night time.

Additionally, this watch comes with a correctly working chronograph placed at the 6 o’clock hour hand position.

Smart features of this watch include sleep tracking, always on time and date,  activity tracking, active alerts IT sector.

In addition to this watch also offers a cloud backup and restore. Just in case that you lose all of your data on the watch.

one of the great features of this watch is the minimum of 2 years of battery life that  Alpina offers.

not to mention that this watch is also water-resistant to 100 meters of 300 feet making it suitable for streaming recreational water activities etc.

I honestly did not find any downside to this watch, therefore, making at one of the best purchase of smartwatches.

08) Timex Men’s IQ (TW2P93200F5)

Timex Men's IQ (TW2P93200F5) Credits: amazon.com

A Timex Smartwatch on a list is the Timex TW2P93200F5.

Somewhat similar in design to the new Alpino Smartwatch discussed above. The smartwatch offers some of the additional features that they Alpino watch offers.

This watch can track your sleep, calories burnt, activity tracking, etc.

Data is sent with the perfect date and the ideal time for your smartphone. Along with this watch can sync all the alarms and your timers with your smartphone.

The transfer Technology that this Smartwatch uses is Bluetooth technology.

Other than this is the time in a data automatically set by the apps that’s why you do not need to set the time when you change your time zones according to the country of 17.

Also, this watches water resistant to 50 meters or 165 feet making it suitable for short periods of water-intensive activities.

Some of the columns downsides of this watch include that this watch is very thick and heavy.

Secondly and stated by the time Max company, the battery life of this watch is not one year; instead, it is lesser than one year, which differs from the user to the user. As per our case, the battery life of this watch was around 8 to 9 months.

07) Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R760NDAAXAR)

Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R760NDAAXAR)  Credits: amazon.com

Samsung has been in the technology industry since a while, and we are always impressed by the build quality by this brand.

one of the popular watches that Samsung launched lately was the Samsung Gear S3.

Now, this smartwatch is definitely different and distinct-looking to the other smartwatches that you might it has seen.

Samsung Gear S3 features a black dial with black 22-millimeter rubber bands.

Rubber bands carry strap with the buckle closure adding to the beauty and the design of this watch.

Now obviously this rubber band is comfortable on your wrist when you wear this.

Coming to the features of this smartwatch this watch offers common features such as instant notification for text and call on a mobile, Samsung pay, customizable dials With various displays, etc.

All of this data will be sync directly to your smartphone by the Bluetooth technology.

Samsung watch of works flawless with all the Android devices having a version 4.3 and above.

However, we found some leggings with the iOS version of 9.0 and above.  It is to be noted that not all the functions available in this smartwatch can be paired with iOS devices.

Talking about the technical staff of this smartwatch this watch comes with 1.5 gigabytes of Ram which means that it can perform on heavy applications quite smoothlessly.

Unique features of this watch include that it has three types of resistance that are water-resistant dust resistant and extreme temperature resistant.

it is to watch comes with A 380 mAP battery.  after many test and performances on this much we found that you can easily use this watch for over a day without charging it.

the only downside to this watch is that it performs a bit slow on iOS devices other than this watch is a perfect Smartwatch at you can find in the market.

06) Samsung Gear Sport (SM-R600NZKAXAR)

Samsung Gear Sport (SM-R600NZKAXAR)  Credits: amazon.com

Another Samsung Smartwatch on our list of the best watches under $1000 is the Samsung Gear Sport.

As evident by its name, the “sports” in this watch represents that it is a sports watch.

Therefore it is true to think that this watch is water-resistant. Samsung made this watch to be water-resistant up to 50 meters, or 165 feet or 5ATM. Thus it can withstand shorter periods of water activities.

The watch has the ability to track all of your fitness-related tasks such as swimming, sleep, calorie intake, calorie burned and time of exercise.

The data will obviously be connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

After a year of using the Samsung Gear Sport, we found a major drop in the battery performance of this watch. The battery performance was not reaching its optimal performance of 2 days.

Other than this, the heart rate was giving me trouble in the reading. It was not showing correct reading.

Top 5 Best Watches Under $1000…

05) Armani Exchange (AXT2002)

 Armani Exchange (AXT2002) Credits: amazon.com

Yet another stylish watch on our list is the Armani Exchange AXT 2002.

This Smartwatch is one of the very stylish and robust smartwatches that I have ever seen.

The round watch comes with a digital display having a stainless steel case material of 13 millimeters.

Therefore the strap can easily be replaced with any other strap of your choice.

Some common features of this Smartwatch include heart rate tracking, instant notification, Google pay that is NFC payments, GPS tracking, Rapid charging, touch screen functionality, Google Assistant, music storage and controls alarm setting and accessing this watch via are multiple times zones.

Like all of the smartwatches in a list this what is also water-resistant 165 feet.

This makes it suitable for water-intensive activities such as snorkeling but not hypertensive activity such as snorkeling, diving, etc.

Additionally, these watches also swim proof, and it can also track your swim workout via the third-party apps. Therefore you need not worry aboutS getting your Smartwatch damaged in the shower.

The watch can be linked with your smartphone having Android operating system of 4.4 and above for your Apple iPhone with operating system iOS 9.3 and above.

If you are tired with carrying your wallet all day then you should check out this watch.

It has the function of Google pay and you can pay easily with this smartwatch.

Coming to the disadvantages of this watch we have found downsides to this. Firstly it is the battery. Battery consumption depends on the usage of the user. someone who uses heavier apps like Spotify IT sector can expect the battery timings to be less than 18 hours.

However, if you are somewhat of a techie guy and you delete bloatware that is the pre-installed apps and you do not use any heavier apps then you can easily use this Smartwatch for 24 hours.

Secondly, the brand has compromised on the performance of the Smartwatch.  you will at times feel that the Smartwatch is lagging when multiple apps are opened at once.  this means that the user interface and the user design is not fully catered.

Overall this watch offers a great deal for best watches under $1000, that you should consider purchasing.

04) Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Smart Watch

Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Smart Watch Credits: amazon.com

If you are someone who is tired of charging your Smartwatch then you should definitely check out the Timex Metropolitan in activity Smartwatch tracker as this watch does not require charging.

This watch offers one of the best bang for your buck under the best watches under $1000.

Yes, you have read that correct. This watch does not require charging as the battery life offered by this watch is over a minimum of one year.

The Timex Metropolitan is an upgraded version of the traditional analog watches of  Timex. when you will wear this watch you will definitely have the look and feel of the traditional watches made by  Timex.

However, this watch has Limited functionality. This Smartwatch is able to track your distance your steps and the calories burnt When you traveled. and all the data will be signed on your phone via the Timex app.

Other than this smartwatches also able to track your sleep and ensure that you are having a good night sleep of at least 8 hours a day.  all of this data will be synced to your phone via Bluetooth technology.

not to mention that this watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters 165 feet which makes it suitable for shorter periods of water-intensive activities but not high-pressure water activities such as swimming diving snorkeling etc.

Timex offers in additional extra Orange nylon strap with this watch which comes in handy when using it in the night as the orange band glows in the night time.

You can easily replace the 13 millimeters strap as you will not have any trouble replacing the strap.

Coming to the downsides of this watch,  one of the minor defects of this watch is the Bluetooth technology.  Sometimes you will find yourself that the data is not syncing correctly for that, you will have to either restart your Smartwatch or the Bluetooth in the watch.

Top 3 best watches under $1000…

03) Emporio Armani (ART5005)

Emporio Armani (ART5005) Credits: amazon.com

Emporio Armani has done a great job in the world of wearable technology by adding the Emporio Armani ART5005.

One of the best watches under $1000 is this.

Now, this watch Meets the cutting edge technology of touch screen smartwatches in today’s world.

The Smartwatch comes with stainless steel strap of 13 millimeters which can be replaced with other similar straps.

This simply means that the straps are interchangeable and the can help you adjust your watch design with the occasion.

You can interlink Emporio Armani ART5005 with your smartphone having the operating system of Android 4.4 + and IOS 9.3.5.

Common features of this watch include customizable dial activity tracking music control and Google assistant, which can help you check the when the setup a reminder give a call to someone and be your assistant.

Additionaly this watch is water resistant up to 50 meters or 165 feet.

This makes it suitable for shorter periods of water activities but not extended periods of water activities such as swimming diving snorkeling acceptor.

coming to the battery life,  the watch offers a 24-hour battery based on the usage.

But we found the charge time to be time taking as this watch art is under at least 3 hours.

02) Diesel On Men’s Smartwatch  (DZT2011)

Diesel On Men's Smartwatch  (DZT2011). One of the best watches under $1000. Credits: amazon.com

The second best Smartwatch that we have on a list is the Diesel DZT2011.

Like all the other smartwatches out there the diesel density 2011 also offers some m similar features + some additional features which makes it one of the best Automatic watches.

Some common features of this Smartwatch include heart rate tracking instant notification customizable dials music controls the and NFC payments.

Not to mention that this watch is water resistant to 50 meters or 165 feet.

This makes it suitable for short periods of water activities but not high intensive water activities such as showering swimming startling diving etc.

You can power this watch with your operating system that is either an Android operating system with version 4.4.2 above for iOS 9.3.2 above.

The company claims the battery life to be at least 24 hours.

However, with our intensive research, this team tales as the battery life of it by this watch is web less than what the company initially claimed.

The only disadvantage of this watch Is its battery life.

Honestly, the battery life of 8 by this watch is horrible as you will need to charge this watch at least twice a day.

Other than this the charging time of this watch is also longer Longer than the branded Samsung watches.

01) Fossil Men’s Gen 4 (FTW4019)

Fossil Men's Gen 4 (FTW4019). Best Watch under $1000.Credits: amazon.com

So the best Smartwatch that we have under $1,000 is the Fossil men’s generation IV FTW4019.

This watch is the best Smartwatch that we have on Amazon right now.

The fossils men generation 4th offers various features such as Google pay comma untethered GPS heart rate tracking, popup notifications and great connectivity with your Smartphone full stop

This Smartwatch offers better performance than the rest of the watches and there since it offers a new 3100 processor which makes it fast and robust

Talking about the comfort and the style of the watch the forces men generation fourth offers a very sleek looking design.

The watch offers a very lightweight which makes it best for comfortable use.

Using the Silicon band is the most comfortable band that you will ever wear on your arms.

Coming to the battery the company says that this watch offers a 24-hour battery life.

However, as per the reviews and as per our research, the battery can work at a maximum of 12 hours.

Deleting some of the prince all bloatware such as Nike Run app and emergency dialler is and Spotify will help you increase the battery life of the Smartwatch.

However this for charges up to 80% in just one hour, which makes it very fast.

We found that this watch offers a shorter battery life than the other smartwatches out there in the market.

If you installed some bigger apps then the watch will be unresponsive at times.

You’ll have to wait for some time for the display to turn on

Overall these features make this one of the best watches under $1000 in our article.


Buying a watch really depends on the factor that you are considering.

List of factors that you should consider are jotted below:

  1. Price
  2. Style
  3. Comfort
  4. Authenticity
  5. Research
  6. Warranty

What is the most important factor to you?

If you are into swimming too much then consider buying a watch that has excellent water resistance.

And if you are someone what an occasion oriented person then consider buying a watch having a sleek design.

Either way, you have a list of 12 great watches to make a decision. Make a smart choice now!

Given that, this was just the first part of our long blog, the next part will be published next week. Till then if you any suggestions, either comment below or email us on support@bellamen.com